The Relationship between Growth Opportunities, Tangible Assets, and Financial Structure of Companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

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universityof kurdistan


This research is intended to investigate the relation between financial structure and growth opportunities, and the tangible asset rate to be used by managers, capitalists and others who use financial statements to make decisions. The subjects of the study include 195 companies during the years 2011 to 2015.This research is descriptive and functional. Multivariate regression analysis, based on the method of combined data is conducted to test hypotheses. The results show that there is no significant relationship between independent variables and financial structure in all examined years but only on weak relationship is found which is about the negative relationship between growth opportunities and financial structure of productive companies listed in Tehran stock exchange in 2015. Companies not accepted in the stock exchange, haven't any constancy and freedom of action to reach a suitable financial structure and using it correctly.