Risk Management of Covid-19 in Tertiary Institutions of Learning: Challenges, Impact, and Future Preparation

Document Type : Review article




The outbreak of COVID-19 in China and the speed at which it is spreading across the globe in 2019 to 2020 has had devastating consequences on tertiary institutions of learning. The majority of the tertiary institutions of learning have to shift learning from the usual classroom or face-to-face lectures to virtual or online lectures in addressing the challenges broad by the pandemic COVID-19. This paper aims to look at risk management of COVID-19 in tertiary institutions of learning and the responses to the emerging risks, challenges, and prospects in the future.  The study also discussed the risk and challenges of COVID-19, reassessing tertiary institutions of the learning risk landscape, managing the risk, effective use of technology, the impact of COVID-19, responses, and future preparation for post-COVID-19. The ability of tertiary institutions of learning and the government to manage the risks of COVID-19 now and in the future is useful for various parties, including students, parents, lecturers, support staff, management team, investors, governments, and other stakeholders.


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