The Role of Environmental Structures on the Resilience of Companies in the Iranian Capital Market

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Accounting, Marand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Marand, Iran

2 Department of Accounting, Bonab Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bonab, Iran


Resilience is defined as the system's capacity to absorb disturbances while maintaining structure and performance. The present study provides a model for corporate resilience by predicting causal relationships between executive management vision structures, accounting experience, administrative culture and corporate affairs, public performance, and corporate resilience. This study's statistical population was managers and financial experts of the surveyed companies, and a standard questionnaire was used to collect data. After performing the sample data's reliability and validity tests, the relevant analyzes were performed based on the structural modeling approach. The research results showed that accounting experience, administrative culture, corporate affairs, and long-term executive vision significantly affect forecasting financial resilience. But public performance does not have a significant effect on financial resilience forecasting.