Author = Heidar Mohammadzadeh Saleteh
The Relationship between Performance-based Budgeting Characteristics with the Integrated Reporting Approach in the Public Sector

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2023, Pages 57-75


Javad Pourghaffar; Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh; Mehdi Zeynali; Sasan Mehrani

Developing a Model for Improving Tax Auditing Quality in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 101-118


Eisa Abyazi; Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh; Yaqoub Aghdam Mazraeh; Ali Akbar Nonahal Nahr

A Comprehensive Talent Management Plan in Iranian Accounting and Auditing Using the Grounded Theory Approach

Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2021, Pages 49-64


Naser Mastechaman; Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh; Aliakbar Nonahal Nahr; Sasan Mehrani

The Role of Environmental Structures on the Resilience of Companies in the Iranian Capital Market

Volume 3, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 19-29


Vahid Jafari; Asgar Pakmaram; Heidar Mohammadzadeh Saleteh